chrome Chrome DevTools

These challenges were designed to help testers become more familiar with Chrome DevTools and it's ever growing list of fantastic features.

You will need to get to know many of the features and their uses in order to progress through each challenge.

Getting started

To get started please ensure you are visiting this web page using the Google Chrome web browser.

Next open the developer tools window within Chrome. There are many ways to open developer tools within the browser:

  • Click the web browser Menu, Select 'More Tools' and then Click on ' Developer tools'
  • Right click an area of the web page and then click on 'Inspect'
  • Windows/Linux Press Ctrl+Shift+I or F12
  • Mac Press Command+Option+I

Once the developer tools window has opened you can then choose to dock the window within the browser sidebar, bottom or undocked

Click the "Let's go" button below to start.

Let's go

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